How do I create a resume?

Creating a resume with InstantResume is fast and easy with thousands of pre-written examples for hundreds of jobs you can insert directly into your resume!

Step 1: Select a resume template

We have done all the design work for you. Select a resume with a design relevant to your industry but don't spend too much time here, you will be able to preview and change it later.

Step 2: Introductory Questions

We will ask you a few questions to help determine your education and work experience. This helps us set up the rest of the resume builder to accommodate your unique experiences.

Step 3: Education, Work Experience, and Skills

Depending on what you selected from the introductory questions, you will be prompted to add your education and work history through the resume builder. Our autofill features make this process fast and easy so that the names of the institutions, addresses, etc. are all correct.

Builder School Graphic

You can enter your GPA, relevant course work, any awards or honors, and extracurricular activities.

When entering information for your work responsibilities, this is where InstantResume shines. You can select the option of adding pre-written bullet points which will bring up a menu where you can search for specific job titles.

Job descriptions graphic

After selecting a job title, you can browse and select many different professionally-written job descriptions for your resume.

Job descriptions graphic 2

Next, you can add other skills one by one that you may want to make known to potential employers

Step 4: Career Objective

Our career objective wizard begins by collecting the following information:

  1. Two or three soft skills such as: Communication, Planning, Management, etc.
  2. A word that describes you best.
  3. A word that other people would use to describe you.
  4. The position that you are applying for.

This information combined with your education experience will be used to generate a clear and impressive career objective statement that will be featured on your resume. You can edit any of these details or manually update your career objective statement.

Career objective graphic

Step 4: References

We do not recommend adding references unless they were specifically requested in the job description. You have the option of adding reference, not including them, or adding a message that references can be made available upon request.

Step 5: Personalize, Finish, & Preview

After completing these simple steps, all that is left is to enter your personal information so that your employer can know your name, contact information, and location.

You will then be able to view your finished resume in the template of your choice. You can switch templates and see how your resume information looks in each of them.

Resume templates graphic

You can download a TXT version of your template for free at this point or you can subscript to a plan and get full access to any of the professionally-designed templates in PDF format and the full features of InstantResume.